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Seasonal Allergies


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Seasonal Allergies

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Allergy Season!!!

All the cars are sprinkled with a nice orange dusting, and the trees and grass are just begging you to take a deep breath. Allergy season is in full effect. But what can you do about it?

While there are some medications out there that help control your reaction to allergens, many of these medicines can have side effects that are worse than what they are designed to relieve. So is there a way that you can control your body’s reaction to allergens without harmful chemicals and side effects? The simple answer is, yes.

Everyone has a different reaction to allergens and there are many different types of allergens out there.

Some people may have a sensitivity to pollen whereas others may not or may have much less of a reaction. Some people will begin to sneeze, some will get puffy eyes, some will get hives, and some will get a combination of these. Antronex is a safe and effective way to inhibit your body’s natural reaction, allowing you to breathe easily and stop suffering.

Allergens release histamines which cause your body to respond in different ways. There are two ways to reduce the symptoms of these. The first is to manage the response to histamines. The second is to encourage the functioning of the liver. The liver is the key organ in ridding the body of histamines. Most medications block histamines but don’t get rid of them so the drug wears off and you are back to square one. Antronex works on both accounts, helping to block the effects of the allergens and promote liver function to rid your body of the allergens.

If you suffer from seasonal allergies or just allergies in general, pick up a bottle of Antronex today to see the benefits for yourself!

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