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Shoulder Surgery Alternative

Legacy Clinic of Chiropractic offers multiple alternative treatment options that can save you from extensive surgeries. While orthopedic surgeons prefer correcting things by surgery, chiropractors alleviate symptoms without invasion. A common pathology treated with surgical intervention is rotator cuff tear (shoulder injury).

However, with advanced treatments, chiropractic doctors can take away your shoulder pain and return your lost range of motion. There are plenty of rotator cuff tear patients who have benefited from Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy. Let us learn about the therapeutic advantages of PRP from one of our satisfied patients.

Testimony By Mrs. Teresa

Mrs. Teresa is a highly satisfied patient of the Legacy Clinic. She is thankful to Dr. John Theeck for turning her life around. Today Mrs. Teresa is happily changing bed sheets and performing daily chores like a charm. She can quickly and completely raise both her shoulders without a groan. But she was in a lot of agony a few times ago. In fact, her experience aligns with many positive PRP injection shoulder reviews.

Rotator Cuff Muscle Tear

Mrs. Teresa suffered from a rotator cuff muscle tear in both of her shoulders. The muscle plays an essential part in the movement of the shoulder and arm. Thus, tears of the muscle lead to excruciating pain and diminished range of motion. For a long time, Mrs. Teresa couldn’t open up jars or even change bedsheets without crying out loud in pain. The gnawing pain from bilaterally shredded rotator cuffs kept her up all night. So, in addition to daytime issues she also experienced sleep disturbances.

Steroid Shots: Orthopedic Surgeon Treatment

She visited an orthopedic surgeon for her predicament who tried to treat her with steroid shots. She received a cortisone injection in the injured muscle every three months. The doctor used to shift to the other shoulder every three weeks. However, all these injections seemed to be a futile activity as she reported minimal to no improvement in symptoms.

Surgeons advise shoulder surgery in most rotator cuff injury cases. However, the surgeon was reluctant to perform surgery on Mrs. Teresa due to large tears that couldn’t be managed with pins.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy By Dr. John Theeck

So, a disheartened Teresa went for PRP injection for shoulder on the advice of Dr. John. Researchers also advocate the use of PRP in rotator cuff tear patients. The PRP treatment improved her symptoms in no time and she reported a 50% improvement in just six weeks. Now she can rotate her arms and perform daily activities without any issues. She recommends patients get PRP from the Legacy Clinic of Chiropractic for their rotator cuff issues.

You can see what Teresa has to say about the treatment by clicking here.

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