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Spanish Speaking Chiropractor In The Villages


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Spanish Speaking Chiropractor In The Villages

According to the US Census Bureau, almost 27% of Florida’s population is Hispanic. The Villages, Florida, has a significant number of residents who have Spanish as their first language. Most of these inhabitants are old and incapable of learning new languages.

The language barrier is problematic when commuting and interacting with the outside world. However, this language issue is most pronounced when visiting a healthcare facility.

Accurate medical history is the key to a good diagnosis. Treatment and diagnosis are compromises if the patient and doctor can not communicate properly.

Dr.Ayo K. Adejunmobi: Spanish Speaking Chiropractor

Dr ayo chiropractor in the villages
Dr. Ayo, a chiropractor in the villages

Dr. Ayo K. Adejunmobi is an experienced chiropractic doctor who is serving at the Legacy Clinic of Chiropractic in Port Orange, Florida. Dr. Ayo Adejunmobi has treated patients of all ages. The full-of-life doc is an active basketball and soccer player who keenly examines sports injuries. He also pays special attention to managing the pain issues of the old.

In addition to his exceptional medical skills, Dr. Ayo is a fluent speaker of Spanish. Hispanic Village residents with pain disorders or injuries can easily speak their hearts out with Dr. Ayo.

Benefits Of Having A Spanish Speaking Chiropractor

Ease Of Communication

Patients find it a lot easier to convey their issues when the doctor understands their language. The issue is conveyed relatively more easily and quickly than with a non-Spanish speaker.

Greater Trust

A Spanish-speaking chiropractor earns greater trust of the patient than a non-speaker. This trust can increase the prognosis of the treatment.

Better Follow-Up

The language barrier puts the patient in doubt. Most patients hesitate to visit the same doctor again when they can not communicate properly. When the doctor understands and explains in your language, follow-ups are easier. Proper follow-ups improve the quality of the treatment.

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