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Decompression For The Spine in The Villages


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Decompression For The Spine in The Villages

Looking for decompression for the spine in The Villages?

Many people are unfamiliar with what exactly decompression for the spine in The Villages is. Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression uses a specialized table that gently pulls the two vertebrae on either side of the affected disc. This allows bulging material to be drawn from the nerve and back into the disc, allowing it to heal naturally over time. Advanced technology creates a gentle, pain-free treatment that avoids the muscle spasm or guarding reflex that is commonly triggered with traditional rudimentary traction or inversion devices.

Spinal decompression

Is decompression painful?

Most patients find spinal decompression to be very relaxing and it’s not uncommon to fall asleep during the procedure. The gentle pulling and releasing motion can be very soothing and having the pressure relieved from your nerves can put you into a very relaxed state. Although results can vary, many of our patients report a reduction in pain after the first few sessions. Typically, there is a significant improvement by the second or third week of treatment.

Is decompression effective?

Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression is a breakthrough, FDA cleared procedure that takes the pressure off bulging, herniated, or degenerative discs, allowing them to rehydrate and heal. This often relieves pinching on the nerves and reduces pain. The best part is that decompression helps to heal the injured areas, rather than just managing (or masking) the pain.
The treatment is non-invasive, pain-free, and drug-free. There are no needles or anesthesia and it can be completed in just a few weeks. It is considered a viable and reliable alternative to surgery in many cases. Thousands of patients are treated every day using this procedure.

What is it good for?

Bulging or herniated discs may begin to pinch the delicate spinal nerves, causing sciatica, stenosis, or radiculopathy. This can result in debilitating back or neck pain, as well as numbness, or weakness. Many desperate patients turn to prescription pain pills, invasive spinal injections, and even back or neck surgery, trying to find relief.
“In many cases, those traditional treatments fail because they do not address the cause of the problem, and instead focus on covering up the pain,” states Dr. Theeck. “This can leave patients frustrated and without hope, as they face the possibility of endless medications, injections, and surgeries.”

Are you suffering? Are you considering surgery? Are you considering decompression of the spine? Contact Legacy today to get a free consultation and see what they can do!

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