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The Best Weight Loss Program


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The Best Weight Loss Program
weight loss program in the villages

Legacy Clinic is proud to offer an incredible doctor-supervised weight loss program that helps patients to lose an average of 30-35 pounds in less than 12 weeks.  While on the program you will eat food from all-natural food groups and will not be required to eat or purchase any pre-packaged or frozen meals.

Our weight loss program does not use any hormones or HCG shots. The program will provide you with an all-natural appetite suppressant and helps the body to maintain a safe state of ketosis in order to help the body burn fat for energy as it is designed to do. 

This program will help you to shed weight, reset your metabolism and regulate your body in losing stored abnormal fats. The abnormal fat in your body does not serve any useful purpose and our program specifically targets the loss of abnormal fat in your body. This is the fat that we all look at and poke at in the mirror as it forms as an excess layer in the belly, hips, thighs and buttocks.

When a patient says they want to lose weight what they really mean is that they want to lose unwanted and abnormal fat. 

One of our patients recently said… “I have tried and ultimately failed to lose weight on many different diets. I was amazed at how easy it was to lose weight on this diet, my energy levels soared through the roof and I lost incredible amounts of weight and inches through my entire body. I was also extremely impressed how the diet undoubtedly reset my metabolism. Thank you Legacy Clinic for making me feel great and look great again!”

Call 352-259-0024 or email info@legacyclinic.org to schedule your free weight loss consultation today! 

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