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The Global Weight Loss Program at Legacy Clinic


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The Global Weight Loss Program at Legacy Clinic

The Global Weight Loss Program

What if we told you; that just by eating differently, you will see visible changes in your body? That too, in 10 days? We bring you a program that resets hormones and metabolism.

How Does the Program Work?

Your brain controls the secretion of hormones. There are two types of hormones released in the bloodstream after every meal – fat burning and fat storage.

Global Weight Loss

The type of food you eat affects the functioning of these hormones. The Global Weight Loss Drops program recommends a specific protocol for what and when to eat it. This science-based protocol heals your cells and improves the body’s metabolism.

Global Weight Loss Drops enhance the production of fat-burning hormones. These drops reduce the production of fat-storing hormones. Besides this, the Liquid Nutrition System helps nourish the body leading to increased metabolism and energy.

It provides the body with the proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals required for cellular regeneration while triggering weight loss. It also reduces weight loss resistance as the body is receiving optimum nutrition.

Diet management ensures specific minerals are in your diet to ensure the success of this program. So now, when you know, you don’t have to starve yourself but only switch your diet. What should you eat?

Sign on to the Global Weight Loss System to learn about these foods. Food is like a switch. You can turn the fat burning On or OFF. You follow a specific eating plan that comprises “good” food that resets your metabolism and hormones. You will eat salads, chicken, fish, vegetables, and liquid nutritional supplements that satiate your appetite and promote a feeling of fullness. This diet helps your body shed weight and heal.

Key Takeaway

So, sign on to lose weight and gain the body you always dreamed of having! The Global Weight Loss Drops harness the power of your hypothalamus and re-program it to help rebalance the fat-burning and fat-storing hormones. These drops also reduce cravings by metabolizing the stored fat. As you consume fewer calories than you burn, they metabolize the stored fat, leading to weight loss.

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