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Titleist Golf Chiropractor

Dr. Chris Kessler is a Titleist Performance Institute certified doctor and The Villages Golf Team’s go to chiropractor.

Dr Chris has been helping patients in the Villages area for years and many of them have come to him for help improving their game. Through a variety of techniques, Dr. Chris has been able to help golfers relieve pain, correct posture and improve their swings. Aside from being certified through Titleist, he is also an avid golfer.

Titleist Cerified

Some patients need work on their foundations. Not their golf foundations, but their body’s foundations. Our feet are more important than most people realize and the tiniest shifts can make a world of difference. Dr. Chris is certified through the Foot Levelers company to get you custom fit orthotics which can restore balance to your whole frame. These orthotics are different than the ones you find in stores because they are specific to your feet. They also take in to account all 3 arches in your feet to ensure the best support.

Another way Dr. Chris is able to help his patients is through chiropractic care. By adjusting and maintaining a healthy spine, patients often have less pain in general and can swing through more thoroughly. The pain relief alone is worth coming in, but imagine being able to fully swing the club where you couldn’t before. How many yards would that add to your drive?

In addition, Dr. Chris teaches his patients proper posture and swing techniques to keep them enjoying the game they love. Swinging the club without proper posture may not hurt the first time, but repetitive stress on the spine and other joints can lead to very painful degeneration.

If you want to improve your game, come and see the Titleist Golf Chiropractor in The Villages. Call Legacy Clinic today to schedule an appointment and see what Dr. Chris can do for you.

Email for more information: info@legacyclinic.org

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