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Top 3 Chiropractors In The Villages


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Top 3 Chiropractors In The Villages

The top 3 chiropractors in The Villages are found at Legacy Clinic, located right in the heart of The Villages, Fl.  Dr. John Theeck, Dr. Angela Boyazis, and Dr. Chris Kessler are the Top 3 chiropractors in The Villages, who have been nominated and won numerous awards including Best Chiropractor in The Villages. These doctors are the most highly reviewed chiropractors in The Villages. 
Dr. John Theeck is a graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic and is the founder and Clinical Director at Legacy Clinic.  He loves providing care for all of the students and student-athletes from The Villages Charter School in addition to an impressive roster of professional athletes. 
Dr. Angela Boyazis is a graduate of the Cleveland Chiropractic College and is constantly keeping up with the latest in sports medicine such as kinesiology taping, functional movement, and myofascial release.  In addition to providing incredible patient care, she also runs a mobile animal chiropractic business on days when she is not in the office.
Dr. Chris Kessler is a graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic and is certified through The Titleist Performance Institute which is an educational organization dedicated to the study of how the human body functions in relation to the golf swing. He enjoys working with golfers and all athletes in order to get their bodies to work at their highest optimal level by increasing mobility and strength.
The top 3 chiropractors in The Villages have been on countless mission trips to places such as The Dominican Republic and Haiti. Almost once a year they provide weeks of free health care in third world countries as part of a large group of doctors and volunteers.  
When not in the office these Top 3 chiropractors in The Villages can be found giving health seminars, working as team doctors on the sidelines of The Villages Charter School football games, and getting animals ready for professional athletic competitions.
Call Legacy Clinic at 352-259-0024 in order to schedule an appointment with The top 3 Chiropractors in The Villages now.

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