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Trap and Neck Strain Pain


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Trap and Neck Strain Pain
neck pain

Many athletes, fitness gurus, or people doing manual labor can easily subluxate or misalign vertebras. One thing we often see is athletes that may have injuries to a shoulder and the body will recruit other muscles to get the shoulder and rotator cuff moving. Other muscles are used to assist when lifting, throwing, pushing, pulling, rowing, and other shoulder motions. When recruitment of other muscles around the shoulder happens, it can easily subluxate the scapula and upper ribs, resulting in a strained muscle of the trap, neck, or shoulder.

Most people have difficulty turning their necks and have deep or sharp pain in the trap muscle. It is extremely painful and you want relief quickly. Usually, muscle relaxers are prescribed, which may temporarily provide relief and may result in a deeper muscle strain when the medication wears off. This is subluxation is often misdiagnosed by many doctors and is easily corrected by the Chiropractors at Legacy Clinic in The Villages. This is fixed fast in relief is felt after the first treatment. Many patients are amazed that they can go back to exercise or training without any limitations.

The Trapezius muscle originates at the occipital and the C7-T12 vertebrae. It inserts at the posterior border of the clavicle, acromion process, scapula. Trap pain can travel anywhere in this large muscle when a subluxation occurs from a misalignment. 

The Chiropractors at Legacy Clinic see golfers, polo players, pickleball players, dragon boaters, and other athletes that have this trapezius pain. It is even seen in people who overuse the arm from pairing or someone who took a fall. It is often misdiagnosed and treated as neck pain. The trap spasm gets worse with activity, exercise, and massage. The worsening spasm results in people seeking strong muscle relaxers or steroid injections. This scapula/rib misalignment can easily be fixed with a specific adjustment done by stretching the lower cervical and manipulating the misaligned scapula. When this is set, you immediately feel the tension, pulling, and spasm of the trap muscle release.

If you are experiencing trap pain, scapula pain, or lower neck pain, let the chiropractors at Legacy Clinic evaluate you.

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