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Treat Disc Herniations With Spinal Decompression


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Treat Disc Herniations With Spinal Decompression

There are 24 moveable vertebras in the spine with 23 vertebral disc that are between the vertebras. The disc have a couple of functions that consist mostly of providing as a shock absorber and flexibility. It also keeps the space open where the spinal nerves exit that are between each vertebra. These nerves can travel to each cell, muscle, and organ in the body. 

The spinal discs are under a lot of load each day from sitting, standing, bending, twisting, and lifting. This extra force and pressure on the disc cause the intervertebral discs to degenerate, thin, narrow, bulge, herniate, or protrude. When the disc space is decreased, the canal where the nerves come out also narrows. This can but pressure on the nerves that exit the spine. One of the most common nerves that exit the low back is the sciatica nerve. The sciatica nerve is made up of nerve roots from L4-S3. Wear and tear on the lumbar spine can easily narrow the lumbar disc space abs put unbearable pressure on the nerves that make up the sciatica nerve.

Treatment options for Disc Herniation:
1. Spinal decompression to open the disc space 
2. Corrective training to restore the lumbar curves
3. Medical options consisting of pain management 

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