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Try These Alternatives to Spine Surgery in The Villages


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Try These Alternatives to Spine Surgery in The Villages
Alternatives to Spine Surgery in The Villages

Residents of the Villages need not rush to a surgeon for their spinal issues. According to studies, 80% of the world’s population will develop low back pain in their lifetime. 10% of these cases become chronic and require extra maneuvers to help manage the symptoms.

Surgery is the last resort for most patients. However, plenty of individuals force themselves under the knife without exploring other options.

So, if you live in the Villages and suffer from spinal issues, don’t get surgery before visiting the Legacy Clinic of Chiropractic!

Why Visit The Legacy Clinic Before Spine Surgery?

The issue with chronic low back pain is the persistent gnawing discomfort that keeps you from daily activities. The Legacy Clinic offers numerous non-interventional procedures to alleviate the symptoms.

The most effective ways of managing spinal issues include:

Chiropractic Treatment

Spinal manipulation is a chiropractic treatment that helps realign the deformed spine. This method is gaining rapid popularity in managing spinal compressions and other issues.

Clinical evidence suggests spinal manipulation can significantly improve symptoms in chronic low back pain patients. Moreover, this treatment modality also improves function in LBP patients. Exercise with spinal manipulation speeds up the process of healing.


Another effective way of casting out low back pain is acupuncture. Per a systematic review, the Traditional Chinese Medicine acupuncture treatment effectively lowers nonspecific low back pain.

Clinical studies reveal that non-interventional procedures such as spinal manipulation and acupuncture relieve spinal pain.


Massage therapy has been shown to improve blood flow to the spine. This reduces inflammation and amps up the process of healing.

It is a cost-effective procedure that can cast away low back pain due to spinal misalignment. According to the experts, acupuncture massage has better outcomes than traditional massage.

Proper Consultation

In addition to the viable alternatives to surgery, the experts at the Legacy Clinic offer consultation. The professionals at the facility take a good look at your radiographs and medical history and then select what is best for you.

So, book your appointment now. We may save you from unnecessary spine surgeries!

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