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United health care chiropractor in The Villages


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United health care chiropractor in The Villages

There are uncountable pain conditions that can tie you to the bed and make life miserable. Every year, adults bequeath healthy activities to sports injuries, accidents, and degenerative diseases.

Residents of the Villages, Florida, need not worry about pain management thanks to the Legacy Clinic of Chiropractic. This facility is laced with the best practitioners offering effective solutions to chronic pain patients.

Services Offered At The Legacy Clinic

The Legacy Clinic offers non-surgical treatment modalities to alleviate discomfort and improve your quality of life.

Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractic treatment is gaining rapid popularity as an alternative to pharmacological treatment. A number of chronic issues, such as low back pain, can be effectively managed by visiting a chiropractor.

Manual Adjustment

This is a specialized type of chiropractic treatment based on realigning bodily structures. Spinal adjustment is great at correcting slipped discs and abnormal spine curvatures.

Physical Therapy

Physiotherapy enhances the mobility of the muscles and helps increase the joint range of motion. Regular sessions of physiotherapy help improve the quality of life in old patients.

Laser Treatment

Laser therapy is an advanced mode of treatment that helps eradicate deep-rooted issues in the muscles and the joints.

Massage Therapy

For ages, massage therapy has helped reduce pain and inflammation. The professional hands of a masseuse cast out pain and anxiety from the body.


The Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment of acupuncture relaxes the mind and soul. It resets your body by ensuring a smooth flow of qi.

Weight Loss Management

Obesity is the root cause of plenty of ailments. Losing weight is a nightmare for most. Guided weight loss can be fun and easy to follow.


Several fluids and vitamins can help you unlock your body’s true potential. Glutathione and vitamin B12 drips strengthen the healing potential of the body.

Pain management and PRP injections also speed up the healing process while reducing pain and discomfort.

Will My Insurance Cover My Treatment Expenses?

Medical expenses can be burdensome for many. There are different insurance policies in the US that cover medical expenses.

Residents of the Villages can get their treatment at Legacy Clinic through an insurance policy.

United Healthcare Insurance

United Healthcare Insurance offers healthcare insurance in the Villages. United Healthcare patients can visit the Legacy Clinic of Chiropractic and avail of the insurance policy on different treatment modalities.

So, if you are a United healthcare member looking for pain relief, click here to book an appointment with the best chiropractors in the Villages.

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