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Vertigo in The Villages


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Vertigo in The Villages
Vertigo in the Villages

Have you ever had vertigo while in The Villages? A patient came in last week with symptoms and warning signs that kept getting worse. It started with a headache which led to vertigo symptoms. This led to numbness down the right arm and loss of vision. 

She began to panic and thought she was having a stroke. The doctor suspected a brain tumor or a stroke. MRI was negative for any findings. The neurologist began treating the symptoms with medication, but the patient became worse. The patient thought she was going to just have to deal with these problems since nobody knew what was going on.

She came into Legacy Clinic desperate for answers. Upon examination, the doctors found the top cervical vertebra that protects the brainstem and controls all automatic reflexes to be misaligned. This vertebra was carefully aligned to allow the nerve pressure to be released. Over the next 12 hours the patient’s vertigo symptoms, vision problems, and neurological began to diminish.

When there is pressure on one of your spinal nerves your body will give off symptoms based on the location. 

See nerve chart below

Legacy Clinic of Chiropractic is a corrective care clinic located in The Villages, FL. Our goal is to find and correct the cause of your symptoms. Dr. Chris Kessler, Dr. Angela Boyazis, and Dr. John Theeck work as a team to provide you the best care available. We also have a team of medical specialists that we collaborate with. Legacy Clinic is a proud sponsor of The Villages Charter school atheletes.


Call Legacy Clinic of Chiropractic in The Villages, FL today at 352-259-0024 for your vertigo consultation.

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