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Weight Gain Due to Hormonal Imbalances


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Weight Gain Due to Hormonal Imbalances

Endocrine glands secrete hormones that are distributed all over your body via the blood. They play a vital role in the body’s metabolism, helping maintain a healthy weight.

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Impact Of Hormones on Weight

To lose weight and keep it off, we should understand the workings of these hormones. They work as follows;

Hormone Endocrine Gland (Produced by)FunctionIssues due to malfunction
InsulinPancreas (islets of Langerhans)handles utilization and storage of blood sugar (glucose) makes the cell walls permeable to glucose (source of energy)excess sugar is turned into glycogen stored in the liver, muscles, and adipose tissue (fat cells) glycogen turns to glucose in presence of insulinChronically, high levels of insulin in the blood lead to insulin resistance, weight gain, diabetes (Type 2)
LeptinWhite adipose tissue, but also by the stomach, skeletal muscle & pituitary glandappetite suppressant hormone communicates with your brain  telling it when you are satiated or hungryLeptin resistance Feeling unsatiated or empty leading to the brain telling your body to keep eating à weight gain
Ghrelina pleiotropic hormone secreted by endocrine X/A-like cells of the stomach & in small amounts by the small intestine, pancreas, and brainstimulates appetite increases food intake promotes fat storageincreased appetite à body weight disorders like cachexia, anorexia nervosa
CortisolAdrenal glandsThe adrenal cortex produces hormones that control sex (androgens, estrogens)salt balance in the blood (aldosterone) sugar balance (cortisol)causes cravings for sugary, fatty & salty foods affects the carbohydrate & fat metabolism à weight gain
estrogengonads – ovaries, corpus luteum, and placenta non-gonad organs – liver, heart, skin, and brainoptimal functioning of female reproductive organsproduced too little or too much estrogen à weight gain


There are other obscure hormones such as – Neuropeptide Y (NPY), Cholecystokinin (CCK), Glucagon-like Peptide-1 (GLP-1), and Peptide YY (PYY) – that play a role in weight gain. Legacy Clinic offers a doctor-directed weight loss program that targets hormone imbalances to determine the source of the weight gain and provides a custom weight loss solution for each patient.

Legacy Clinic in The Villages operates a doctor-directed weight loss program that gets to the cause of weight gain. Contact us today to find out the cause of your weight gain and learn about how you can reset your hormones to keep the weight off forever. Legacy Clinic is located in The Villages, FL at Laurel Manor Professional Plaza.

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