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What is Iliotibial or IT Band Syndrome


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What is Iliotibial or IT Band Syndrome

The Iliotibial Band (IT Band for short) is a very long, thick band of fascia that runs from the hip down to the knee. This is the primary cause of knee pain for runners but can also affect just about anyone else who overuses it. Golfers may find pain during their swings and even going for a walk could cause pain.

IT Band Syndrome is caused by the ligament tightening so much that it rubs against the thighbone. The main symptoms are pain between the hip and knee and worsening with activity.

ITBS generally takes months to heal on its own and possibly longer depending on the strain and continued use. Steroid shots have been used in the past to reduce inflammation, but luckily places like Legacy Clinic have started using natural elements to achieve the same effect without the harm of overusing steroids.

Adjustments and massage therapy can also be very beneficial in speeding the recovery time and getting you back to the daily activities that this may have prevented you from doing.

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