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Wobble Disc Exercises for Improving Pelvic Mobility and Preventing Back Pain


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Wobble Disc Exercises for Improving Pelvic Mobility and Preventing Back Pain

Low back pain is a common problem that affects your pelvic mobility. Studies have shown that up to 60-80% of people are affected by back pain throughout their lifetime. Wobble disc exercises are highly effective to improve pelvic mobility and are simple to perform at home.

What is a wobble disc?

A wobble disc or balance disc is often used for balancing, athletic training, coordinating, stretching exercises, and preventing falls. The wobble disc is an air-filled cushion that has a circular shape with an uneven base and can be used for balance. Mainly, it can prepare people to avoid falling and prevent common sports injuries including ankle and knee injuries. Over the past few years, it has become popular among many athletes such as hockey players, footballers, and snowboarders. A Wobble disc can prefer as a seat cushion that helps in an active sitting. Additionally, the Wobble disc is used in several lower limb rehabilitation programs to improve balance and prevent people from falling.

Factors affecting the exercise:

Some factors may significantly affect the degree of difficulty. It includes:

  1. The surface area of the board.
  2. The size of the wobble board is another factor. If the wobble board has a larger size, it will make the exercise easier.
  3. Tilt angle also affects the exercise, for instance, the angle formed when one edge of the wobble board touches the ground.

Benefits of Wobble disc:

  • A wobble disc is an inexpensive, portable object that can be effective for performing exercises at home.
  • During a balance disc exercise, your limb muscles and core muscles will have to work harder as compared to when you perform the same exercise on a stable surface.
  • Wobble disc is also recommended for rehabilitation exercises to treat symptoms of arthritis, ankle sprain, and after-knee surgery. It helps to regain the sense of movement and position called proprioception.
  • It helps to improve posture and strengthen your hips, knees, and ankle.

Exercises using wobble disc exercises:

There are several exercises using a wobble disc.

Balance exercise

Stand on one foot on the wobble disc for 30 seconds, then repeat the exercise on the other foot. Perform balance exercise for 60 seconds. If you want to add a challenge, close your eyes while doing this exercise.

Pushups with wobble disc:

Place your both hands on the wobble disc (or you can use two separate discs). Now perform pushups while placing your hands on the wobble disc. Try to perform three sets of 8 pushups.

Using a wobble disc as a seat cushion

  1. Sit on a balance disc and create the low back curve and then take it away. Repeat this exercise 10 times.
  2. Sit on the balance disc and lean your right pelvis and left shoulder down. Rotating side to side and alternating sides.
  3. Sit on a balance disc. Start doing clockwise motion with the pelvis 10 times. Repeat with counterclockwise motion 10 times.

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