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Y Strap Adjustment


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Y Strap Adjustment

Chiropractic treatment is an amazing non-surgical modality to treat disturbances of the spine and joints. Modern chiropractors across the globe now use advanced equipment to enhance the mobility of patients’ joints.

A highly effective chiropractic tool of the present time is the Y-axis traction strap, more commonly known as the Ystrap. The bands of the strap form a y-shape, thus the name. It is highly efficient in realigning the spine.

What Is Y Strap Adjustment?

The Y-strap is designed to correct the head and neck region issues. The main purpose of this chiropractic strap is to decompress the vertebral (spinal) discs. Chiropractors wrap the strap around the patient’s neck and pull it to realign the spine.

Two different types of manipulation forces can be applied using the y-strap:

  • Slow/smooth stretching
  • High Velocity, Low Amplitude (HVLA) movement

Is Y-Strap Safe?

Yes, y-strap adjustment is a completely safe procedure for all. If performed by a trained professional, there is minimal chance of injury to the spine, thanks to the strong protective ligaments. 

Benefits Of Y Strap Adjustment

Y-strap adjustment offers the following benefits for patients:

Relieves Pain

Individuals suffering from chronic spinal disorders (spinal stenosis, etc.) and degenerative bone diseases (osteoarthritis) experience chronic, unresolved neck pain. Y-strap plays a crucial part in relieving chronic neck pain.

The strap can also safely manage acute, sharp neck pain. Chronic smartphone users can develop sudden neck pain from slouching (forward head posture). Text neck syndrome is such a condition that can be managed well using chiropractic adjustments.

Prevents Injury

By improving the spinal vertebrae’s mobility and range of motion, y-strap adjustment helps prevent future injuries. Improved motion means enhanced blood supply to the bones and muscles, which keeps twisting and straining at bay.

Improves Athletic Performance

Athletes taking y-strap adjustment sessions report improved sports performance. Pickleball players require efficient neck and shoulder muscles to take the lead; therefore, y-strap adjustment can greatly benefit sportspersons.

Can Be Used For Targeted Manipulation

Studies suggest that y-axis strap adjustment allows chiropractors to adjust and decompress the entire spine from the occiput to the sacrum (bones).

Y Strap Adjustment In The Village

Village, Florida residents can now say goodbye to neck pain and spasms. The Legacy Clinic of Chiropractic is offering y-strap adjustment in the Village. Don’t live with the burden of neck pain; visit the Legacy clinic today!

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