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Y Strap Decompression Adjustment


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Y Strap Decompression Adjustment

Y-Strap Decompression Adjustment: Y-Strap decompression is a manual spinal decompression technique that uses a special strap to release pressure along the spine by gradually stretching the spine. It also effectively adjusts the vertebral joints and restores alignment. The technique works to return a protruding disc to its natural position, lift pressure off the affected nerve, loosen up restricted joints, and reduce inflammation.

The chiropractors at Legacy Clinic of Chiropractic use Y-Strap decompression adjusting when needed. This is a great technique that can be found in The Villages, FL by the chiropractors at Legacy Clinic. Check out the video link below to see Dr. Chris Kessler, Chiropractor in The Villages, perform Y-Strap adjustment.

If you would like to have a consultation abs learn more about Y-Strap Decompression Adjustment, contact us at 352-259-0024. Legacy Clinic is located in the heart of The Villages, FL. We look forward to hear from you soon.

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