Cortisone shots have been the “go-to” tool for quick relief from pain for a long time now. While cortisone is very effective for many people, more and more research is being done on the harmful effects that could come from repeated use. At Legacy Clinic we believe in providing the best AND safest care for our patients. Sacrificing health down the road for a quick fix today is not what we stand for.

After researching on our own end to find safe alternatives that actually work as well as cortisone does, we found Traumeel and Zeel. Both of these medications use ingedients that are naturally found in the body and concentrate them in one area to promote healing and pain relief without the side effects. We have had great success so far with our patients and several have tried both cortisone and the natural brands. Most have stated that that the natural shots worked just as well if not better than the cortisone.

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