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Platelet-Rich Plasma Injection Recovery Time


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Platelet-Rich Plasma Injection Recovery Time

How Long Should You Rest After PRP Injection?

Doctor Holding PRP Injection

PRP injections come with a never-ending list of benefits of platelet-rich plasma. But the benefits come with a very crucial part, i.e. their recovery time. Yes, it’s about how long you need to rest after taking PRP. Let’s find answers to the same in this blog post.

Factors That Affect Recovery Time

Before going directly into the recovery portion of platelet-rich plasma, let us focus on the essential factors that affect it:

  • Type of Injury

How serious your injury is and at what place it is exactly in the body defines the recovery time.

  • Treatment Goals

The outcome you need from platelet-rich plasma therapy is also directly proportional to the recovery time.

For example: let’s say you are taking PRP for getting rid of pain or tissue regeneration.

  • Number of Injections

The more the number of PRP injections, the more time it will take for recovery.

  • Individual Healing Rate

Although these factors make or break the recovery time of PRP injections, your healing depends on your own pace too. The immunity of the body defines your healing time. Not only this, but age, overall health, and underlying medical conditions also define how much time you will take to recover post platelet-rich plasma injection.

What Is The General Recovery Timeline for PRP Injections?

Despite all these variations, we have outlined a general overview of the recovery timeline below:

  • Immediately After the Procedure

As you are done with platelet-rich plasma injection, you will experience mild pain, swelling, and bruising at the site of injection. But don’t worry at all as these are temporary side effects. They will heal quickly. 

Important: In the first few days of PRP, you might be suggested to apply ice packs and compression to the injected area if you stay under proper chiropractic treatment.

  • The First Week

The first week after platelet-rich plasma therapy is very important. You need to avoid strenuous physical activities during this time.

  • Weeks 2-4

During this time, you won’t recover completely but you can do normal mobile activities. Start stimulating your mobility bit by bit.

  • Weeks 4-6

During the fourth to sixth week, you can increase your activity level. It’s the final time to say bye to the pain & receive the full benefits of platelet-rich plasma. 

Important: We suggest being under chiropractic care to have a safe progression plan. It will help you return to your regular activities, including work and sports.

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Take Care Of These For Rest After Chiropractic Treatment

As you finish platelet-rich plasma therapy, the resting time needs the following key points to remember. They will quicken the healing.

  • Listen to Your Body

Do not push yourself too hard. Listen to the needs of your body and just go with the flow accordingly.

  • Follow Chiropractic Care

Have an expert by your side & get timely instructions from him/ her. Follow them strictly. No excuses at all.

  • Gradual Progression

The process requires time. Hence, don’t think that you can do heavy physical activities in a day or two. Give your body some time to heal. This all will happen slowly.

  • Importance of Physical Therapy

Physical therapy of the injected area is very important. It gives long-term benefits of PRP therapy.

  • Managing Pain

Yes, it’s a tough time to handle as pain will come and go at times. You can discuss pain management techniques with your doctor.

  • Lifestyle Changes

You need to take care of your lifestyle too. Eat well, drink plenty of water, have adequate sleep, and take care of your mental health too.


Overall, the recovery/ healing time of PRP differs from person to person. It depends on your body personally. 

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