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PRP Injection Knee Recovery Time


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PRP Injection Knee Recovery Time

After research & studies on platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections have been used widely in chiropractic treatment for decades. In the field of sports and orthopedics, platelet-rich plasma therapy is used for treating knee injuries. It is an alternative to all those painful procedures. But after getting a platelet-rich plasma injection, how much time does the knee take for recovery? Let us find out in this blog.

Why PRP Injections for Knee Injuries?

PRP for knee pain

Platelet-rich plasma therapy is very beneficial for curing knee injuries whether due to sports, accidents, or degenerative conditions like osteoarthritis. Some of the key benefits of PRP injections given under proper chiropractic care are as follows:

  • Enhanced healing
  • Reduced pain & inflammation
  • Minimized risk of infection

What Can A Patient Expect To Recover From Knee Injury After PRP Therapy?

Immediate Aftercare

As one is done with platelet-rich plasma injection under chiropractic treatment, he or she might feel discomfort or dizziness at some times at the injection site. But there is no need to worry as this discomfort is generally mild and temporary. It does not last for that long. Hence, immediately after platelet-rich plasma injection, the patient is suggested to give proper rest to the knee and not indulge in any strenuous physical activities for some time, until he or she feels better to move freely.

First Few Days

After the PRP therapy, there are chances of mild swelling and pain in the knee in the starting days. But again there is not any need to worry. It is just the natural healing process of your knee where platelets have come into action. You can go to a chiropractic care center to ask if your current condition allows you to intake pain medications. Consume them only and only if your chiropractor says yes. Generally, the professionals suggest taking acetaminophen to help manage discomfort. But ensure that you do not consume any nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). These can have worse effects on the healing process of your knee.

Week 1-2

After 1-2 weeks of platelet-rich plasma injection, patients can do light activities. They can include walking or stationary cycling. But there should not be any physical activity that puts pressure on your knee joint. Otherwise, it would not heal in time.

Weeks 3-4

Generally, during the third and the fourth week, most of the patients start getting fine. Their pain gets reduced and their knee condition also starts improving. And that’s a very good sign! Your PRP therapy has caused its effect. At this point, professionals perform physical therapy of the patients under proper chiropractic treatment to strengthen the muscles around the knee, improve flexibility, and enhance overall joint stability. During this period, the main focus is on slowly increasing the intensity of exercise while avoiding those physical activities that put too much pressure on the injected area. Remember till 3rd and 4th week too, you are not allowed to perform any activity that fosters imbalance and stress over your knee.

Month 2

Within two months of the platelet-rich plasma injection, significant improvements are seen. During this period, the patients can try doing their regular physical activities and other exercises that they used to perform when there was not any knee injury. But again, no heavy lifting, no heavy physical activities!! Do moderate exercises. Do not push the knee to perform them, just go with the flow! 

Months 3-6

In the next months, there will be more improvements in terms of pain and functionality. However the exact timeline depends on how severely your knee has been injured initially, your overall physical health, and how well you have followed the protocols. By 5-6 months, most of the critical knee injuries get healed and patients return to their normal routine.

Factors That Influence Recovery Time

Although the above guide is a general overview of how much time the knee generally takes to heal after platelet-rich plasma therapy, there are lots of factors that can affect your overall recovery time. These are:

  • Severity of Injury

If your knee has been injured very badly because of a heavy accident, there are chances that it will not heal within 6 months, indeed it would take around 8-9 months or even more. But if it is a mind injury, you can expect the recovery time to be around 5-6 months (in general).

  • Patient Age & Health

Age plays a crucial factor in determining the recovery time of the knee treated with platelet-rich plasma injection under chiropractic care. Generally, the immune system of young people is better than the old ones. Hence, there are chances that younger generations will heal quicker than the older ones. Plus, health is also a major concern here. If an old person who has a knee injury takes a balanced and nutritious diet after platelet-rich plasma therapy, he or she can recover at a rapid rate.

  • Adherence to Rehabilitation

After PRP therapy, the chiropractic treatment expert prescribes physical therapy and aftercare instructions. If one follows them well, recovery time will be shortened.

  • Number of Injections

Depending on the severity of the knee condition and the immune system of the patient, he or she might require multiple PRP injections, resulting in a long recovery time.

Additional Tips for Optimising Recovery

To shorten the recovery time & maximize the benefits obtained from PRP therapy, you can consider the following tips:

  • Follow Medical Advice

Do not be your doctor. Follow the post-procedure instructions provided under a proper chiropractic treatment.

  • Engage in Physical Therapy

Try to move and be involved in physical mobilities step-by-step daily. Do not just stay idle for the whole recovery time.

  • Maintain a Healthy Diet

Take proper nutrition to quicken the healing process.

  • Avoid Smoking and Alcohol

Stay away from any inflammatory substances and drugs.

  • Stay Positive & Patient

Recovery takes time and you need to be aware of the same. Do not hurry! Maintain a positive attitude and stay aligned with the prescribed procedures.

A healthy you will build a happy you, both physically and mentally!

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It is important to understand the recovery duration of PRP injections for knee problems. However, if you are facing shoulder-related issues, PRP therapy can be beneficial. PRP injections promote healing and reduce inflammation in affected areas of the shoulder.

To learn more about how PRP injections can benefit shoulder injuries, visit our detailed guide PRP Injection For Shoulder.

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