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PRP For Knees

A common chronic pain disorder that takes away mobility and dexterity from adults is knee pain. The main culprit of knee pain is knee osteoarthritis. According to reports, 15-76% of patients reporting knee pain have underlying knee osteoarthritis. It is a chronic disorder that deteriorates the knee joint leading to permanent damage to the joint’s cartilage.

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The unfortunate patients of knee OA are left with minimum treatment options. However, the recent use of PRP for knees has eased the agony of numerous patients. The healing and regenerative potential of Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) is no secret. Researchers are continually exploring the positive impacts of PRP therapy. There are multiple ways in which PRP can ease knee pain patients.

How Can PRP Help Knee Pain Patients?

 PRP injections for knee pain have the following benefits:

Reduces Inflammation And Pain

Research suggests that PRP suppresses the inflammatory pathways which halts the progression of knee arthritis. It effectively alleviates knee pain and subsides chronic inflammation while repairing the joint tissues.

Increases Range Of Motion And Mobility

The immensely beneficial therapy reduces stiffness and improves mobility in knee patients. Patients report significant improvements in range of motion and gait parameters. Intra-articular injections of PRP evidently enhance the functional status of patients by reducing pain and stiffness.

Shows Quick Results

PRP therapy has proven to be more effective than all other prevalent methods of knee pain treatment. It was revealed in a 2020 study that PRP is more effective and provides quicker results than treatment modalities like steroid injections and hyaluronic acid administration. You can expect to observe meaningful improvements within 12 weeks of therapy. Both the short-term and long-term effects of PRP are commendable.

Improves Quality Of Life (QoL)

By reducing pain and inflammation and improving mobility, PRP directly enhances the quality of life of knee OA patients. Athletes suffering from sports injuries also advocate the use of PRP for knees as it heals the tissues faster and improves QoL.

Delays Surgery

Advanced knee OA patients need surgery to alleviate symptoms and lead a normal life. While PRP may not completely alternate the need for a knee arthroplasty, it can vey well delay the need for joint replacement. A 2020 analysis concluded that PRP in knee OA can delay total knee arthroplasty.

PRP For Knees At The Legacy Clinic

If you don’t like your transformation from a “jumping jack” to a “limping jack” we suggest you visit the Legacy Clinic of Chiropractic because we are offering PRP injections for knees. These intra-articular injections will flush out the pain and inflammation from your joint and let you be yourself again! So don’t delay, and visit ASAP!