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How Many PRP Injections Are Needed For Knee?


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How Many PRP Injections Are Needed For Knee?

You might be aware of the benefits of platelet-rich plasma for shoulder and back pain. But what about the knee? It’s beneficial for knee pains as well. If you have been suffering from chronic knee pain for a long time, it’s time to go for a platelet-rich plasma injection for knee. However many patients worry about the quantity of injections they will require to treat knee problems thoroughly. In this blog post, we will discuss the same in detail.

Understanding PRP Injections for Knee

First of all, keep in mind that you need proper chiropractic care for getting PRP. This all requires an expert. You can find a chiropractor in The Villages easily.

Now, if we come back to PRP for knee, it simply involves increasing the concentration of platelets in the affected part of your knee. Later on, it will take time to heal properly. Now, you might be thinking about how long should you rest after PRP injection. Go to the link for more info. on the same:

How Many Injections Do You Require For Knee Problems?

Along with the benefits of platelet-rich plasma, the number of injections the therapy requires to treat a knee condition completely matters a lot for the patients. Let us understand it below. But keep in mind that it varies depending on the type of knee injury. We will discuss it below.

Mild Knee Pain or Early-Stage Osteoarthritis:

When one is suffering from mild knee pain, which usually occurs in early-stage osteoarthritis, the only aim of having a platelet-rich plasma injection is to get rid of pain and a little bit of inflammation. In this case, you can expect treatment in one to two doses. In most of the cases, one is enough. But if it’s a bit more than mild, you might require two applications of PRP injection for knee.

Moderate To Severe Knee Conditions:

If you suffer from moderate knee-related issues, you will require at least three doses of PRP injections. Now, if we talk about their timelines, it would be 1-1 injection spaced between 1 week.

Chronic Knee Problems

Now comes the most common knee problems that are chronic, i.e. for a long time. To treat them, you might need to invest quality time in addition to quantity. It might require a series of PRP injections, one every 6th or 12th month. However, we suggest consulting a chiropractor.

Will The Number of Injections Affect The Cost?

So, it’s a very obvious & big yes! The more PRP you go with, the more it will get your pockets loose. However, many clinics provide discounts on a bunch of injections. You can try consulting for platelet-rich plasma injections in The Villages.

Will It Be Worth It?

So, the benefits of PRP are numerous. If you have planned to go for one to treat your knee pain, you are on the right path. Do not worry about that. Let us understand the same by a list of some benefits of platelet-rich plasma for knee below:

Relief From Pain And Inflammation 

Undoubtedly, PRP will give you relief from knee pain. Also, if you have Inflammatory issues due to knee problems, you can get rid of them easily. But it will take time.

Faster Speed of Healing 

By injecting concentrated plasma into your affected area, the healing will increase. You will be able to get back to your normal movements in due course of time.

Good Quality of Life

As you heal quickly, your life’s quality will increase. It will become better. 


In conclusion, you can go for PRP therapy to treat your knee-related injuries. It is a promising alternative to all those traditional methods that require a lot of time and money. In brief, it is both a cost-effective and beneficial solution with several benefits such as pain relief, faster healing, and an improved quality of life. But to have a proper plan about how much PRP injections will cost for knee pain, it’s recommended to have one-on-one advice from an expert.


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