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Palmer Graduated Chiropractor in The Villages


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Palmer Graduated Chiropractor in The Villages

If you are looking for the right place to prepare yourself and achieve success professionally, you will find it in the “Palmer College of Chiropractic”. Palmer College is a private institute that can turn you to help people by providing a successful career. Palmer provides more successful graduate chiropractors than any other institution. The Palmer College of Chiropractic was founded in 1897 by David Daniel Palmer. In the beginning, the name of the college was “Palmer school and cure”, but later it changed to “Palmer School of Chiropractor”. Palmer College has three campuses that are:

  1. Port Orange, Florida Campus (Main Campus)
  2. Davenport, Lowa Campus
  3. San Jose, California Campus

What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a profession that mainly focuses on the spine and joints of the body. Also, it helps to know the relationship between the spinal cord and joints of the body with the nervous system. After becoming a chiropractic doctor, you can help patients who have spinal diseases, build a successful career, and achieve your goals. Palmer College of Chiropractors can facilitate you by providing an opportunity to get graduation and make a successful career in the chiropractic profession.

Why Palmer is known as “The Trusted Leader”?

Palmer College is the first and largest chiropractic institute in the world. Palmer college of chiropractic is famous as The Trusted Leader and increases the research related to chiropractic therapy. In the world, one-third of chiropractic have graduated from Palmer College. The students can participate in the Sports Council Program and treat many athletes. In the campus clinic, students can provide treatment for veterans, active-duty military personnel, and their families.

Palmer techniques:

Palmer’s methods are also known as the “Palmer Package”. These are the group of techniques in which a graduated chiropractor is an expert and deal with every clinical situation properly. This package’s primary courses are arranged according to the spinal regions. It includes courses related to cervical, pelvic, thoracolumbar, extremity adjusting management, and extremity adjusting technique.

Palmer graduated with Chiropractic expertise:

The chiropractors who graduated from Palmer College have expertise in many things that are following:

  1. A chiropractor has experience in taking patient health assessments that include patient history, physical and biochemical examination, and diagnosis
  2. Palmer chiropractor in the villages can perform chiropractic procedures such as chiropractic adjustment, soft tissue techniques, and manipulation by hand and with the help of instruments.
  3. An experience in patient-centered care.
  4. Palmer College trained their chiropractor regarding corresponding measures such as exercise, nutrition counseling, passive modalities, and supplementation.

Class year-round:

Students can attend classes year-round, and it can be helpful to complete their degree within three years. The undergraduate chiropractic program has 10 trimesters on the main campus of Florida.

What are the requirements to become a chiropractor from Palmer college, Florida?

To become a professional chiropractor, you need to be 18 years old. You should pass the examination of physiotherapy and the National Board of Chiropractic Examinations in parts I, II, III, and IV. Additionally, it is important to get good scores in Florida Law and Rules of Examination, after getting physiotherapy certification and National Board of Chiropractic Examiners certification.

Does Palmer College offer opportunities for successful careers?

Yes, Palmer College offers successful careers after graduation. The college has Palmer Center for Business Development (PCBD) which offers business training and career networking services. In PCBD, the graduated students can form their resumes, and attend multiple business training events. This can be helpful to get a successful job. Moreover, Palmer promises students to help them in getting jobs to achieve their goals.

Dr. Chris Kessler and Dr. John Theeck are both graduates of Palmer Chiropractic College. They both practice chiropractic at Legacy Clinic of Chiropractic located in The Villages. FL. If you are looking for a Palmer graduated chiropractor in The Villages, contact us today at 352-259-0024.

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