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Stanford Wrestling Team Visits The Villages Chiropractor


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Stanford Wrestling Team Visits The Villages Chiropractor

Stanford Wrestling Team Visits Legacy Clinic

Stanford University is a place of discovery, innovation, and inspiration located 35 miles south of San Fransisco. Leland Stanford and his wife were the founders of Standford University and developed to promote public welfare. Stanford Wrestling is an elite division 1 college in the past 12 conferences. Wrestling is a popular fighting sport played between two unarmed persons who use different strategies to win the game. Wrestlers use several techniques such as joint locks, clinch fights, throws, takedowns, or pins to win the game. Wrestlers are constantly put in positions to stress the joints of the spine. A proper alignment is important for these division 1 athletes to function at their full potential.

Why does Spinal Misalignment Common in Wrestlers?

A misaligned spine is a common condition in which a certain part of your spine is not in the right position. Spinal misalignment can cause unpleasant symptoms such as back pain and tingling sensation. During wrestling, athletes use different techniques to get over their opponents. Due to this reason, spinal misalignment is a common condition in wrestlers. This condition may reduce the activity level of wrestlers. Wrestlers need to get spinal alignment therapy to get rid of the pain.

Why choose Legacy Clinic of Chiropractic?

Legacy Clinic of Chiropractic in The Villages has experienced chiropractors that identify the problems behind the problem. They have advanced manual Chiropractic Techniques that help align the spine and also utilize spinal decompression that helps elongate the spine.

Press Release on Standford University Wrestling Team visits Legacy Clinic of Chiropractic for spinal alignments

Stanford Wrestling team visits the Chiropractors at Legacy Clinic of Chiropractic in The Villages for spinal adjustments. When wrestlers put abnormal stress on their joints of the spine, it may misalign their spines. A misaligned spine can cause severe back pain, stiffness, muscle spasm, and numbness. These symptoms may mentally and physically disturb the athletes. To reduce the symptoms, the Standford Wrestling team visits Legacy Clinic for spinal adjustment. Our expert Chiropractors applied pressure to the back area which helps to realign their spines. During this treatment, our chiropractors evaluated, then use their hands and small instruments to stretch the joints of the spine for realignment. Few athletes from the wrestling team got instant relief just after the therapy. All the team members were satisfied with the spinal adjustment treatment provided in the Legacy Clinic of Chiropractic in The Villages. 

— This article is written by Dr. John Theeck, DC one of the chiropractors of Legacy Clinic’s team of manual adjusting chiropractors who offer a variety of treatments and therapies to help with many symptoms.

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